Norman M. Johnson Jr.  312-491-1693
131 N. Green St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Technical/Project lead position with travel and user contact leading to
positions of increased responsibility.

Over 21 years IBM Mainframe and PC programming in positions ranging from
Programmer to Project Manager.

R.K. Mgmt, Inc
Sept 1998 - current
Chicago, Il

Senior Consultant - Legacy Support
Support and maintain CICS/IMS/COBOL/BAL/APS system for a major professional
Medical Association.

October 1997 - Sept 1998
Chicago, Il

Senior Consultant, Year 2000 conversions.

December 1995 - October 1997
Chicago, IL

Consulting Liason between Legacy Support Consultants and Clients.
Project Lead for Legacy Support team.
In Customer Service area of a major Utility company: wrote and modified
BAL/CICS and APS/CICS/DB2 programs.  Provided coordination for 6 consultants.
Provided Legacy support as required.
Created a Website ( using HotdogPro and DeltaPoint's
QuickSite. Installed Microsoft WebServer IIS v1.0 to evaluate the site.

August 1993 - December 1995
Tulsa, OK

In Health Insurance Claims Processing area: modified BAL/COBOL/CICS/IMS
programs.  Converted COBOL/CICS/IMS programs to COBOL II/CICS/IMS.
Provided technical support as required.
In Inventory Control area: wrote COBOL II/DB2/IDMS batch programs.
Modified and wrote COBOL II/DB2/CICS programs. Modified and wrote
Easytrev Plus reports.
In Payroll\Garnishments area: modified PL/1, COBOL and COBOL II
batch and online IMS/DB2 programs. Wrote structured PL/1 and
COBOL II programs. Provided Oncall support.Provided support
for Remote Check printing process.Developed JCL, PROCS and Syncsort jobs.
For AIC Branch office, installed Lotus Notes Server

August 1992 - May 1993
Travco, Inc.
Denver, CO

Converted batch and Telon COBOL II V2.0 programs to COBOL II V3.2.
Modified batch and Telon Online DB2 programs . Tested using
DB2I/QMF and Expediter. Fixed existing production payroll system
problems. Provided technical assistance.

December 1991 - June 1992
Vista Computer Services
Colorado Springs, CO

Wrote 6 COBOL II/IMS DB programs, including PSBs, Procedures and JCL.
Tested using Microfocus COBOL. Modified 20 COBOL II programs per
detailed design. Fixed 15 user identified problems in COBOL II/CICS
programs. Tested using Intertest. Maintained system currency in two
IMS/CICS Online regions as required. Used DBRC commands to support
Online maintenance. Created procedure to initialize HDAM IMS database
with secondary index. Provided on-call and technical support as required.

October 1990 - June 1991
Travco, Inc.
Denver, CO

Modified 23 COBOL/IMS programs to accommodate a corporate restructure.
Tested program changes by BMP job submission and MPP transaction execution.
Used IMS ADF to modify IMS test databases to create test conditions.
Created two PC relational databases using FoxPro and developed three
Relational Report Writer reports from them.

March 1990 - September 1990
Denver, CO

Converted programs from APS to IBM COBOL. Modified DB2 subprograms, tested
with BTS and SPUFI. Wrote a batch IMS COBOL program to accumulate stats.
Wrote COBOL/IMS database segment restructure user exits. Performed analysis
on user requests, resulting in time estimates and preliminary program
specs. Provided technical support as required.

September 1988 - March 1990
MIS, International
Broomfield Hills, MI

Provided IMS technical support as required for an IMS database conversion.
Restructured a multiple dataset group IMS database using BMC DBtools
restructuring utilities and customized BAL user exits. Wrote structured
COBOL/IMS daily update and reporting jobs including Procedures, JCL and
Job Prose. Created PSBs and modified DBDs. Converted MFS transactions
from 24x80 format to 27x132. Implemented standard IMS database
reorganization jobs. Provided on-call support and technical assistance.

December 1985 - September 1988
Blue Cross of California
Woodland Hills, CA

Project Leader - Supervised 6 Programmer/Analysts and 1 Business Analyst.
Analyzed system problems and corporate system requests in a Health
Insurance Claims/Membership/Actuarial system. Developed project workplans
and cost estimates using PM Workbench. Trained new technical staff.
Monitored scheduled production batch/BMP jobs and Online regions. Provided
on-call support.

June 1984 - December 1985
Business Systems Corporation of America
Chicago, IL

Responsible for maintenance and technical support of 5 Health Insurance
software products. Performed Problem Definition through Implementation
phases of 13 development projects. Acted as traveling liason/technical
consultant between clients and company. Prepared project documentation
and budgets for those products as required.

November 1975 - May 1984
U.S. Marine Corps
Washington, D.C.

Team Leader - Supervised 4 Programmer/Analysts.
Maintained a 400 program Supply/Inventory Control system. Developed ROSCOE
programmer maintenance standards for the department. Taught BAL. Wrote
and maintained BAL/COBOL programs and JCL. Provided on-call support
and technical assistance.

APS COBOL, SmartTest, Personal Oracle 7.1 & 7.2, DeltaPoint QuickSite 1.0.2

PL/1, PLITEST, Windows NT, PowerBuilder 3.0 & 4.0 Desktop

Travco, Inc.
Telon, MS Word, Crosstalk, Attachmate

CICS, Intertest, MicroFocus COBOL, Stingray IMS/DB2, Excel, OS2, Rumba

Travco, Inc.
Foxpro, Foxbase, R&R (Relational Report Writer), DB2 Expert, QMF


MIS International
BMC DBtools, IMS Xpert, CA-10, CA-7, IBM BDT, JES3

Blue Cross of California/BSCA
PM Workbench, Panvalet, MVS/XA Dumps and Debugging, Xpediter,
FileAid, IMS DB/DC Programming, BTS

U.S. Marine Corps
IBM COBOL programming, IBM BAL programming, MARK IV programming,
IBM Systems and Data Control (JCL), IBM Utilities, IBM File
Structures and Access Methods, Librarian, ROSCOE, TSO/ISPF

Harold Washington Community College
Chicago, IL 1984

Albany State Junior College
Albany, GA 1980

Hales Franciscan High School
Chicago, IL 1975
Graduated with honors, Illinois State Scholar

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